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Our Approach



The Mission of Conceptual Counseling is to provide culturally competent, holistic, and wellness-focused services that promote the client's social-emotional development, prevent the development of mental health challenges, and address social-emotional problems that currently exist. We will do this by using evidence-based strategies in our services to our clients; supporting staff training and well-being; implementing effective mental health consultation to individuals, children, families, and staff; by facilitating mental health services for individuals, children, adolescents, and parents who need them; and by continuing to strive for excellence in supporting mental health for all.  




Accountability - Achieve high performance, meet outcomes, and ensure accountability for the health, safety, and wellbeing of individual, children and families. We believe that people with mental illnesses, trauma victims, and others who experience severe emotional distress, are often the object of misunderstanding and stigmatizing attitudes. Therefore, we will build formal partnerships with employers, sister agencies, and other providers to combat prejudice born of ignorance about mental illnesses. In addition, we will expect our own staff to be leaders in the anti-stigma campaign.


Family Values - Conceptual Counseling gives priority to adults, children, and their families affected by serious mental illnesses and significant emotional disorders. Our agency is committed to provide services that builds upon our clients' strengths, responds to our clients concerns, and utilizes natural support systems and community resources to enhance their ability to be healthy, contributing members of their communities and families.


Education - We will provide treatment environments that are safe and therapeutic, and work environments that inspire and promote innovation and creativity. We will hire, train, support and retain staff who are culturally and linguistically competent, who are committed to the recovery philosophy, and who value continuous learning and research. We will provide services efficiently and effectively, and will strive always to provide interventions that are scientifically proven to support recovery.


Collaboration - Build strong community and state partnerships to ensure a comprehensive system of evidence based practices that promote prevention, recovery and resiliency. We are committed to eliminating stigma and promoting the philosophy of recovery, to achieving our goals in collaboration with all stakeholders, and to assuring the highest quality of culturally competent services possible.


Stability - We believe that people are best served in or near their own homes or the community of their choice. We commit to the availability of a full and flexible array of services  that are provided in a healthy environment. We believe in services that build upon critical local supports: family, friends, faith communities, healthcare providers, and other community services that offer employment, learning, leisure pursuits, and other human or clinical supports.




Recovery - Recovery is real and possible for everyone. To recover, we need services and supports that treat us with dignity, respect our rights, allow us to make choices, and provide assistance with our real-life, self-defined needs. This range of services must include consumer-run and -operated programs.

Self Determination: We serve a wide range of clients and self-determination is essential for recovery to occur. We need to be in control of our own lives.

Holistic Choices -We need choices that meet our self-defined needs. We need a wide range of recovery-oriented services and supports to assist us in achieving our goals. These include assistance with housing, education, and community resources, all of which can be consumer-run. We need these opportunities to achieve full integration into the community.

Voice - We must have a voice in our recovery and in the policies facilitating our recovery. We are the most authentic voice in the mental health system, since mental health decisions affect every aspect of our lives. We bring our lived experience, therefore, we must be central in any dialogues and decisions about mental health issues at all levels. This is empowerment.

Personhood - We are whole human beings and will campaign to remove stigma and discrimination. We have the same dreams as all members of the community and the ability to make our own decisions. A barrier-free community is one free from discrimination and stigma.

Our employees are dedicated to ensuring that all clients are offered services with evidence based treatment methods that will accomplish their recovery goals. We believe that each employee contributes directly to our company's growth, success, and we take pride in being the best team players in the area. We specializes in providing trauma-focused therapy, play therapy, AutPlay Therapy, DBT, CBT, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) and other evidence based treatment methods to children, adolescents, adults, and families.

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