Licensed as either a LMSW, LMFT, LCSW, LPC or LCPC

The outpatient therapist will provide mental health services to individuals and families.

Major Areas of Responsibility:

Complete clinical documentation, be responsive to client's needs, Actively participate as a positive member of the small clinic environment. Maintain good standing with the appropriate board and insurance entities, Secure client information per HIPAA standards within electronic health records (EHR) that are up to date.​

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Knowledge of family systems and their impact on mental health within the family system, Skills in applying varied interventions with individuals/families in crisis, Have fun with all ages of people including staff. We are family-oriented even in our small office!

Required minimum education:

Masters degree in Social Work or Counseling, Licensed, Must Pass Idaho state Police and Health and Welfare background check

Please Call, Fax, and/or Email your resume to Pati to set up an interview with Supervisor!

Phone: 208-620-6276-Pati.....Fax: 1-800-865-1927

Benefits include:

The Supervisor/Owner of the agency has the credential needed to assist with the accumulation of Clinical supervision hours required by the Idaho Board to become a clinician. LMSW and/or LPC (half hours) when the Clinician supervision plan is approved by the Idaho Board of Occupational Licensing. 

Clinical Supervision hours are free when employed.

The supervisor has an open-door policy for all therapists, TCC, CBRS, and CM, is on-site M-Th and after hours if needed.

PTO begins accumulating immediately and can be used after 1 year of employment.

Flexible schedule (no required hours or days!) 

Admin complete client's initial paperwork, scheduling, and uploading documents into client's charts!

A 45-minute encounter and get paid additional, 15 minutes for note time! Paid note time for a billable encounter at therapist wage! Only need to work 30 client encounters and get paid additional 7.5 hours of note time per week!( $975. = 32.5 per hour) No more 45-50 hours a week just to get paid for 30 client hours.

LMSW or LPC attend 2 Paid staffing a week at therapist wage! (This included 1 hour a week of paid clinical supervision hour = ($2,600-$3,000) 

Benefits available- Ask for more information.

Professional Development Assistance

Play therapy room available to all therapists.

Starting wage $ 26.00-$35.00 per billable encounter (work smarter, not harder)

 Clinical Supervision is $100.00 an hour if you need a supervisory for your Clinicial hours through the state of Idaho.